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Super Snacks Travel Edition

Greetings from Croatia.

Here are some of the hacks and gadgets that helped me journey along the Dalmatian coast.

-I’ve never had good luck with travel pillows, but the Cabeau Evolution Neck Pillow provides pretty good neck support. Doesn’t replace a real bed and pillow but by far the best travel one I’ve tried.

-Porta Squatty, the portable Squatty Potty. My girlfriend judged me hard for this. But I’m a huge fan of the Squatty Potty for all its health benefits. So when I saw that the Porta Squatty packs smaller than a keyboard, I had to get one for the trip. It was the best trip purchase I made, smooth soft serve in every hotel bathroom.

-Download Google Maps. My cell phone refused to get any data in Croatia, so as soon as I connected to WiFi, I downloaded a map of the city I was in for offline viewing. Combined with the phone’s GPS, it made for easy navigation without needing reception.

-Finally, my favorite EDC item: doggy poop bags. They pack super tiny, and perfect for dirty clothes, stolen breakfast buffet fruit, and a hundred other utilities.

And here are the things I wish I had:

-It was the beautiful Adriatic, and boat rentals were cheap, so how could I resist? After an adventure where I nearly capsized the vessel, I kicked myself for not having a waterproof cell phone bag with me. You never know when you’ll need to navigate in heavy rain, or decide to capsize your rental boat in the Adriatic.

-Swim Shoes (alternatively, tweezers and bandages). Is it my fault for not knowing that Sea Urchin were a thing? My first dive into the beautiful Adriatic was greeted with sharp pain and blood, and ended with me peeing on my foot and my girlfriend tweezing Urchin needles for an hour. Save yourself the trouble and invest in some swim Shoes.

Vitamin C. As someone who always megadoses on C at the first signs of illness, I only had a handful of Vitamin C pills with me for the trip. I didn’t anticipate feeling sick, and that was a huge mistake. Vitamin C and activated Charcoal (for food poisoning to those excessive drinking nights) should be packed in abundance for any quest. I’m pretty sure Frodo had some with him when doing his Ring thing.

Quick dry towel. Again, any time you’re near water, it’s a no-brainer to pack in your bag. I should have had this but didn’t.

That’s it for now, but more travel stories coming soon.

EDC – Every Day Carry.

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