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Super Snacks – Posthuman apes and creativity

Small snacks that feed the Posthuman journey. 

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This guy is looked up to by top entrepreneurs, scientists, philosophers – the who’s who of the people creating the future: Yuval Harari, author of Sapiens and Homo Deus. His first book brilliantly chronicled the history of humanity, how we became the only Sapiens species to survive through modern times, how wheat domesticated us and the value of lies in uniting our species. His second book ambitiously looks to chronical the history of the future, setting the groundwork for the post human evolution. 

This is an interview by the brilliantly controversial Sam Harris, where they discuss the blurred lines between fantasy and reality, finding happiness in suffering, meditation and the threats and hope of technology. 

They say you’re only as smart as the people you surround yourself with, so spend some time with these two brilliant minds: Sam Harris interviews Yuval Harari

Input vs Output 

A great quote I ran across from Tucker Max:

People who succeed are worried about input. People who don’t succeed are worried about output.

Bad data in, bad data out. He’s saying that output should be the side effect of learning or creativity, not the reason for it. 

Living life in search of new content is an impossible, Sisyphian task, and seldom ends in happiness. Just remember Tila Tequila. Living life in pursuit of challenges and excitement, yields content-rich experiences as a byproduct (whether you share them or not). 

Lavender Oil

In the end, success is sleeping well. – Tim Ferriss 

In my manic sleep quest, I’ve been trying a simple new product: lavender oil. 

I apply a few drops of lavender oil extract on my upper lip and shirt before bed (start with a small test area in case of skin reaction, mix with a little coconut oil to dilute). Also put a few drops in the humidifier. It’s relaxing, like falling asleep in a nice spa. 

I’ve definite noticed myself falling asleep faster, and early sleep tracking data is showing an improvement in deep sleep quality. It’s a great sleep hack for under ten bucks. 

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