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Super Snacks 

I’m still trying to name my little bulleted list posts. I kinda like Super Snacks! Anyway, here are the useful or interesting concepts I’ve run across recently:

  • Thinkitation – obviously meditation is great, but Tom Bilyeu*, founder of Quest Bar, takes it one brilliant step further. Anyone that meditates knows the errant thoughts that come through in the process. Well not all of them are bad ideas, so after his meditation timer is up, he continues to sit there, now letting those suppressed ideas consume him. He says that his best ideas have come from Thinkitation. 
  • Lately I’ve trippled my vegetable intake, including morning smoothies with a super cocktail of nutrients. At the same time, my lifelong sweet cravings to have significantly subsided. Nutritionist Laura Schoenfeld explains this phenomenon by saying that Sugar cravings may be a sign of malnourishment. Missing nutrients in a diet = the body craves sugary junkfood. 
  • – for anyone experimenting on their body and mind, they probably want to measure cognitive performance over time. Human Benchmark has a few great randomized, quick brain games that test visual memory, number memory, reaction time and verbal memory. This is huge. 
  • A few days ago, ran into a great Navy Seal saying: calm is contagious. Something to live by. 

    *interviewd on Ben Greenfield, one of my new favorite podcasts. He’s the first biohacker I’ve encountered that looks like a biohacker. 

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