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Exponential Wisdom Notes Episode 26 – Live Long Enough to Live Forever

Dan Sullivan (Strategic Coach) and Peter Diamandis (X Prize, Human Longevity Inc, Abundance 360) discuss how to live long enough to be able to live forever. 

  • Dan Sullivan set a life expectancy goal of 156 for himself. 
  • He writes a book every quarter, next one js called “my plan to live to 156”
  • 156 chosen because he wants to. Live through a whole century. 
  • This has led to a non stop discussion with his clients. Selecting a longevity gold had become an exercise in the Strategic Coach program.
  • Peter Diamandis picked a 700 year lifespan because nature has shown a tolerance for this number in other animals. 
  • Barring accidents, kids born today have the potential for an indefinite lifespan, utilizing future technologies. 
  • One of the most important elements to longevity is attitude. When you give up on life, you die. 
  • Your attitude about being young is critical. 
  • The second key to longevity is waiting for “escape velocity”-each year you live exposes you to another year of exponential Tech innovation. 
  • Live long enough, and you will love forever. 
  • Three things that drain the desire to live, especially in the elderly: having no friends, no purpose, no money. 
  • Proactive steps for longevity: exercise, sleep, nutrition. 
  • There is a direct correlation between muscle mass and longevity. 
  • Since the age of 71, Dan Sullivan has put on 6 lbs of muscle. 
  • Recommended that everyone do a formal sleep clinic. 
  • Cpap machine may be the first step to longevity for people with even mild sleep apnea. 
  • Sullivan does complete blood testing every 90 days, with supplements to balance any new issues developing. 
  • The biggest motivator for longevity is to have a future that is bigger than your past. 
  • Your future is like a muscle that needs to get worked towards. 
  • Always seek to see the world in a new way to find that hunger for life. 
  • Older people do well to hire and orient towards much younger people. 
  • With friendship, keep going younger. 
  • Typically, you reflect the age of the people you surround yourself with. 
  • Continue to see the world in amazement. 
  • The reason we age, is because we aren’t typically evolved to have children past the age of 35. Nature has no further use for us. 
  • A lifestyle of curiosity will keep your brain healthy. Maybe master one new thing per year. 
  • Keep your brain connecting circuits. 
  • The moment you retire from a future with no fear or uncertainty, you get old. Constantly living in creative fear keeps the brain working and healthy. Certainty and comfort decays brain pathways. 
  • To live without courage is to sentence yourself to death. 
  • “do something scary every day.”
  • Live healthy enough over the next 20 years to intercept the major changes coming.
  • Exercise and muscle mass will help keep you healthy, as will better sleep. 
  • Figure out the correct diet for you. 
  • This is the first generation where the issue of longevity becomes a primary human consideration. 
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