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Tim Ferriss Notes Episode 189 – Shay Carl 

A short episode on parenting, wealth and the future. Shay Carl was a manual laborer when he started his YouTube channel. Now at over 2.3 billion views. Confounded Maker Studios that he sold to Disney for over a billion dollars. 

  • If you started from scratch, would you still be able to make a business on YouTube? 
  • Likely not, because he was ahead of the curve by being on YouTube early. 
  • Preparation meets opportunity. 
  • You can make money on YouTube – but it is oversaturated and it’s hard to stick out. 
  • Advertisers can’t sell daily vlogging. 
  • There are daily vlogging opportunities in specific fields & trades. In the untold stories. Loggers, deep sea fisherman, etc. 
  • What’s different about your life? What is your unique experience? 
  • There’s still room to build a unique audience in daily vlogging. 
  • Vlogging can help you be more self reflecting. 
  • Nurture your relationship and balance it with your art. 
  • Trying to make a living by monetizing videos is very difficult. 
  • Advertisers want to see engagement, not just views as a metric. 
  • YouTube started as an escape, not a way to earn income. 
  • Eventually, he wanted to not go to work, to stop being controlled by his wages. 
  • Money makes you more of who you already are. 
  • Doubt doesn’t go away. 
  • Many of our struggles come from our upbringing – self doubt, fear, inferiority. 
  • Clichés can be true. If you failed, start over. Fail again, keep going. 

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