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Exponential Wisdom Notes Episode 25 – On Innovating Governance 

Dan Sullivan and Peter Diamandis talk about the future potential of Government. 

  • First on Brexit and the EU:
  • EU was created to help prevent another devastating World War between the European powers. 
  • This started with basic 1950’s agreements on cement and steel. 
  • It helped drop trade barriers like we have between states in the US. 
  • Changing to the single currency benefit some countries in the EU, hurt others. Some outright refused, like Britain. 
  • the central EU government began to transition from breaking trade barriers to setting laws prohibits free trade and commerce. 
  • This shift helped trigger the national referendum for Britain to leave the EU. And they voted for. 
  • London voted to stay, most of England outside of it voted overwhelmingly to leave. 
  • Global is globalizing, and people are losing their identity. Their will be a future localized counterweight. Stronger bongs in family, religion, local government.
  • Quasi government organizations like the EU are caught in the middle of these to changing realms. 
  • The identity and stronger border movement will only grow stronger in Europe. 
  • Brexit is one example of this. 
  • Meta trends point to global ownership of things, and weakening local bonds. 
  • This is going to be expedited with how blockchain will redefine ownership. 
  • Blockchain will help change how currency works and demonetize the world. 
  • Currency is such a strong part of national belonging, that it will lead to global change.
  • Even language choice becomes obsolete with hyper advanced translation tech. 
  • Within 20 years, nanobots and other tech will make language immaterial. 
  • Your virtual community – where you find most comfort will trump any regional bonds. 
  • If you cannot communicate with people’s experience, your argument is weak. This is why the Brexit side had the more compelling case. 
  • “trailing edge” – the people for whom this transition will be painful. 
  • Godwins Law – first person to use Hitler or Nazi in a debate loses. 
  • The issue with Politics is that trailing edge usually has more voters than cutting edge. For them, things like Hitler references are efrlfective. 
  • Reality – Until the blockchain takes over, the Dollar is still the  global currency of choice. Until language is obsolete, English is drill the language of choice in the world. 
  • Our ability to experiment in the real world is limited. There is no where to go to simply start a new country with new laws and test all of these grand ideas.
  • However, In the next 20-30 years, we’ll see something very interesting happening. 
  • First, Elon might actually colonize Mars, and create a new land of opportunity for political and legal testing  
  • Second, the growth of virtual communities will allow us to experiment with and live in new forms of government. 
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