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Train Thought – Offbeat Life

Life in the off-beat. You’re defined as much by what you do between serious moments, in the offbeat, as you are by your job or family life.
I didn’t have time senior year of college for self development. I barely had time to eat. I was taking 8 classes at once – 32 credits – ¬†including a brutal Senior Thesis class. I had a part-time job and was working every weekend.
But in between moments, half distracted and tired, I always had a pack of cards in my hands. It grounded me. It was something to identify with that wasn’t exhausting, wasn’t busy. It was a little freedom.
A Syncopated Life – Life emphasizing the offbeat. Today, I do that by listening to podcasts in off-beats. By practicing belly breathing. By doing a sacred pause. Calf Stretches. And yes, sometimes with a pack of cards or a coin.
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