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Train Thought – Nostalgia is an Illness

Nostalgia does this weird thing to our past, it romanticizes the “good old days”, and makes us live in present sadness as a result. Nostalgia has its place, but it would help to balance it with real memories from the past. The struggles, the pain, the repressed emotions. Face those bygone negatives to build gratitude for your present. Remember a time when  you were worse off, appreciate the time now that you’re better off.
You can tell how long a person will live by where they spend most of these cognitive time. Nostalgic past, or hopeful future? You can tell by how they walk, what they talk about, and how they spend their free time. Are they watching reruns of childhood shows and Wheel of Fortune? They suffer from Nostalgia as a cognitive disorder.
If you’ve ever hit rock bottom, wear that as a badge and reminder that I’ve been through worse. You’ll live longer for it.
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  1. Brandon Newell Brandon Newell

    This is very true! Great way of helping us remember where we come from.

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