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Tim Ferriss Show #178 – Tony Robbins 

Tim Ferriss Podcast Notes

  • When feeling unmotivated- either jump into an ice pool, or do cardio. “Do something really hot or really cold”
  • Trigger the flow state.
  • “don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.”
  • Don’t worry about making the right decision. Focus on making a decision. Indecisiveness is more crippling than the wrong move.
  • The hunt for truth starts with making decisions. Learning from both success and failure.
  • Learning that leads to knowledge makes you a fool. Learning that leads to action makes you wealthy.
  • 95% of financial advisors are brokers With the best interest of the house in mind, not you.
  • Fiduciary funds are critical for smart mutual fund investments.
  • Find happeness in all conditions. Get out of the suffering state even when you’re in bad shape. Where the mind goes the body follows.
  • Billionares are common. Someome who is truly happy with every moment in life is not.
  • Success 1- science of achievement. 2- art of fulfillment.
  • Life isn’t about finding what you want to do, or what makes you happy. It’s about finding fulfillment.
  • We grow when we give ourselves something to give. If you are not growing your capacity to give, you are not growing as an individual.
  • Worst advice is that achievement is more important than fulfillment. 
  • The illusion of loss is where we suffer.
  • The thought of less is suffering. You have less, they gave you less, etc.
  • Trade your expectations for appreciation and your life changes in one moment.
  • The more your happiness depends on other people’s (and more people), the law of averages says that you’ll find disappointment.
  • If you start to suffer, given yourself 90 seconds and move on. Choose not to suffer.
  • Stress hinders problem solving. Decide to end suffering and stress.
  • Find your favorite flavor of suffering, and end it like addiction.
  • Help yourself before you help others.
  • Ten day challenge – focus on appreciation instead of suffering.
  • Put both hands on your heart. Feel it. Focus completely on it. Think of three events in your life that you are sincerely grateful for. At the end of two minutes you are completely euphoric.
  • Gratitude because you can’t be greatful and angry simultaneously.
  • Combine cognitive capacity with the strength of your heart.
  • Mercury poisoning appears like dementia. Exhaustion and other side effects.
  • Choose not to suffer, recognize it is just pain and you will take the proactive steps to heal.
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