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Exponential Wisdom Episode 14 Podcast Notes – on Space

  • “science the shit out of this” a philosophy shown in The Martian. A rare non-distopian sci-fi film.
  • Water and saltwater critical to life. Water found on Mars will likely lead to discovery of cellular life on Mars.
  • Elon Musk likely to get people on Mars long before any government. Within 10-12 years.
  • Reusability of launch vehicles by Musk and Bezos will dramatically reduce cost of space travel.
  • Jeff Bezos is “building Amazon to make enough money to open the space frontier”
  • A private space race is among us.
  • Google put up 30 million X prize for the first team to land on the moon with a robot.
  • Two teams have purchased launch contracts to make it happen.
  • The first moon landing has yielded decades of tech breakthroughs, including micro electronics.
  • Original space race fueled immense innovation and progress, including electronics industry.
  • Forcing people to solve hard problems + limited budget = groundwork for innovation.
  • When we find life on Mars,instead of bringing it back, we can sequence the DNA locally, then rebuild it here on earth.
  • Transporting life at the speed of light – as demonstrated by Synthetic Genomics.
  • Asteroid mining – planetary resources – there is a population of near earth asteroids that take less energy to get to than earth. With lower gravity fields, launching materials off of them is also much easier. And they are made up of critical natural resources.
  • Now a law has passed allowing for the private ownership of these asteroids, effectively starting a capital space race between corporations. We are witnessing the rise of a completely new economy.
  • If you want any economic growth around a human behavior,it must start with private ownership of property. Otherwise there is not enough incentive.
  • The government’s role is to guarantee private ownership. This is historically proven, going back to colonial exploration and before.
  • These asteroids ate trillion dollar assets.
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