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Tim Ferriss Podcast Notes #186 – Tony Robbins on internal conflicts 

Exercise for internal conflict.

  • Scientific studies show that when your mind and your heart are in alignment, you can resolve internal conflicts.
  • Often those conflicts arise from conscious and unconscious mind being out of alignment. 
  • Physically hold your hands to your heart, and focus on gratitude for two minutes. 
  • The shift in mindset and alignment with body are staggering. 
  • Think or a situation where you have some unfinished business. Hold your hand to your heart. Breathe deep into your heart. Feel the strength in it. 
  • As you do that, focus on what you are grateful for. Feel grateful for your heart, and the gift of life. 
  • Think of a grateful moment from your life. Any moment you are grateful for. 
  • Step into your body into that moment. 
  • Fill with a sense of gratitude for that moment. 
  • Think of a third grateful moment. 
  • Then think of a good coincidence from your past. 
  • Continue to breathe into your heart. 
  • Now in this elevated stated, think of the unfinished business – your heart will guide you. 
  • Think: all I need to focus on. All I need to do is… 
  • … And let this state and your heart fill in the answer. 
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