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Exponential Wisdom Notes Episode 24 – Scorecards

Dan Sullivan and Peter Diamandis discuss the value of scorecards to stay on target. 

  • If you can’t measure something, you can’t succeed. 
  • Scorecards are a way to measure yourself and your success. 
  • Much more likely to be read. 
  • This meets the needs of certainty, and allows for aspirational growth. 
  • Pearson’s Law – that which is measured improves. That which is measured and recorded improves exponentially. 
  • The curve of exponential progress is a result of being able to compute and score it. 
  • The most advanced parts of the world are the ones that do the most scoring. 
  • Strategic Coach uses and teaches scorecards. 
  • A scorecard should be in a consistent format within an organization. 
  • Before creating a scorecard: 
  1. Ask what are three example of the best, and three of the worst of this thing (skill, venue, performance, etc) 
  2. What were the consistent mindsets leading to the 3 best examples? 
  • Content without context is a burden. 
  • Market to mindsets
  • In a scorecard, don’t simply measure where you/they are, but where you want to be. 
  • Don’t simply invest in knowledge or experience, invest in mindsets. 
  • Digitize the scorecard to grow organizational performance exponentially. 
  • Where can you use a scorecard to improve your personal life?
  • For patient response accuracy, there is research showing that patients are more likely to be honest answering questions digitally than to a person. Reason being, they don’t feel as judged. 
  • Doctors can influence patient responses without even realizing. 
  • Scorecards give a target to work towards. 
  • Human progress has historically come from taking qualitative areas, and quantifying them.
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