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This is the freest I’ll ever be

​The beauty of having no audience is having absolute freedom. At absolute zero, there are no expectations. 

I’m able to explore more freely, and change the style and purpose of this blog whenever I want. 

Almost two years ago I had the original idea of starting a fitness, fashion and food blog. I’m not a men’s magazine so I’m not sure what I was thinking. I guess my anticipated audience was my girlfriend and her friends, so I pigeonholed myself into that corner. 

After that the tag line changed to Becoming Batman. I guess I wanted to become Batman, who doesn’t? It was more honest, but I wasn’t sure about what the direction was. I started posting self help crud about my personal transformation. Quickly I had to call myself out on that poopoo. 

Learn, Adapt & Optimize eventually grew out of that. It is more a life philosophy than a purpose for this page. It also sounds like a website run by a person who describes themselves as “self help author and motivational speaker.” If you’ve read any of the posts (you haven’t, I’m the only one reading), then you know I’m moving away from that angle. 

Change is in the air, and the beauty is, I can do it whenever I feel like it. There’s no pressure to perform at a certain level, or to play a character for anyone. Who knows what the next tag line will be, and fortunately, who cares? 

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