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Super Snacks – Relax, Focus and Poop

Qi Gong Shaking

Just trying this out, but there is an ancient Eastern belief that shaking the body can heal, shake, and help loosen the organs for things like better pooping. Will be trying it daily for two weeks, and report back then on progress. It’s a 1-2 minute exercise that can have a lifelong impact, so worth the experiment.

Here’s the Video I’m using to start:

Squatty Potty Technique

There’s a silent hemorrhoid epidemic going on in the Western world. Part of it is because we’re sitting all day, and part is because we poop without Squatting, which is not how we’re evolved.

I’ve been on the Squatty Potty bandwagon for over a year, but I didn’t realize until recently that I was doing it all wrong:

Don’t lean forward! That means no books, no magazines, no cell phone. Legs on the Squatty Potty, sit up straight, and enjoy the smooth soft-serve goodness.

LoFi Hip Hop Focus

I’ve been on a crusade for the ultimate focus music. I’ve tried video game music, tried, but the best by far has been an obscure new music Genre called LoFi Hip Hop. I’ve been using it endlessly for the last few weeks, and it’s pleasant, focus-inducing, relaxing. So good.

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