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Hidden in the Kitchen 

Turning the handle, I could feel every coffee bean passing through the burr of the grinder. With a happy crunch, each bean transformed into an aromatic fine grind.

The coffee is destined for a Keurig pod and after all it went through, I know it deserves better.

But you can’t replace the satisfaction of hand ground coffee, even if the brewing method isn’t perfect. Just as a sports car enthusiast will tell you that you can’t replace the feeling of a manual transmission.

The kitchen is a hidden paradise of magic moments waiting to happen. A Chefs Knife, the modern Samurai Sword, to be hand washed and wiped with reverence, to be honed ritualistically before battle.

A Cast Iron Skillet, your trusted companion, conditioned and seasoned through years of battle, delivering a more perfect steak or pancake with each use.

A favorite cookbook, worn with age and frequent use, your modern book of spells.

And if you’re one of the fortunate few to know of the Alchemist’s ways, you take your favorite recipes and hand-write them in your own cook book, capturing a piece of your soul to be passed for generations, to create bonding moments with the grandchildren and great-grandchildren you may never even know.

The modern world has deeply enriched and optimized the cooking experience. But hidden between the lines of futuristic appliances are ancient secrets, waiting to be rediscovered.

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