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Rediscovering Magic

A strange set of circumstances led me to the office of a NJ Virtual Reality startup yesterday. It was a team of 6 guys, all recent grads, looking to take advantage of the VR Gold Rush before the mass market gets to it. They reminded me of the 80’s computer engineers, building the future from their garage, seeing a world that no one else cared to believe in. 

This wasn’t my first Virtual Reality experience, but it was the first good one. I put on the VIVE, and was transported into a futuristic factory with a little Robotic dog running around. Next, I found myself on a photo realistic mountain in Washington State. It was so immersive that when I stood on the ledge of the mountain, my body refused to take the next step over it. What I sensed defied all logic. 

That’s when I was reminded of the incredible world that we live in. It’s easy to forget about the power of the cell phone you’re holding, the mechanical genius that propels your car down the road, or even the miracle of flicking a switch and having the lights come on. But when I put on that headset and was immediately teleported into a new universe, I remembered that magic again. 

Good luck to the guys at Arcane Reality in NJ, and thank you for helping make the future a reality. 

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