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Finds This week

I’ve run across some cool stuff this week. 

In the Bulletproof Podcast they talked about the evils of Vegetable Oil (including Canola Oil, cooking spray, soy oil). Apparently they’re not real food, cause cellulite and mutate your genes. 

Trying Chaga Mushroom Coffee with Lions Mane from Four Sigmatic. It’s supposed to be a Nuotropic, a natural stimulant to help the brain focus. Three days in and it seems to be working wonders. I have it first thing in the morning with a tablespoon on coconut oil and Saigon Cinnamon. The first day I used it, I had my most productive day in months. 

There’s a great new documentary on Netflix called ‘Minimalism’ about a movement of people looking to trade in their possessions for an uncluttered life focused on relationships. Favorite quote from the movie: “Love people and use things, because the opposite never works.”

And to sum up one of my core principles for 2017, here’s a quote from Tim Ferriss, “In the end, success is sleeping well.” 

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