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Lessons from people smarter than me

I keep a list of things that I learned. As soon as it hits three, I hit publish. 

  1. We’ve established that vegetable oil is evil, but another oil no-no is that it’s unhealthy, even dangerous to cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. There’s a lot of back and forth on the Internet, but here are the main points:
    • Bad: “When heated, these oils produce compounds called dicarbonyls that cause cell mutations and may contribute to cancer.” – Dave Asprey
    • Not bad: “The common myth that olive oils are not suitable for cooking or frying is an unfortunate belief, particularly for those eating out at restaurants who want to avoid toxic GMO cooking oils such as corn, soybean, and canola.” – Health Impact News 
  2. According to sleep scientist Michael Breus, a sign of sleep apnea for men is if you have a neck wider than 17.5 inches. It’s more common in men, because genetically men tend to carry more fat deposits in their necks. Any impediments like fat, enlarged tonsils/uvula/adenoids cause sleep apnea. Listen to his interview on the Art of Charm and Bulletproof Radio. 
  3. Martin Gibala, PhD and most recent Tim Ferriss guest taught the 60 second HIIT workout:Get on a bike (stepper, treadmill, etc), and warm up on low effort for 2 minutes. Then peddle at max effort for 20 seconds, then back to low effort for 2 minutes, max 20 seconds, low 2 minutes, max 20 seconds, and low for 3 minutes to cool down. Total max effort, 30 seconds.

     HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and to researchers like Gibala, is showing to be a healthier form of cardio (long steady state cardio training linked to releasing free radicals in the body and potentially increasing chances of cancer). HIIT, even in a minimalist program like the 60 second protocol above, help increase your VO2 max (your body’s ability to effectively use oxygen) and improve Mitochondrial health (the energy that feeds your cells and linked to human longevity).


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