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Exponential Wisdom Episode 9 Show Notes

On the sharing economy – 

  • Since 2010 Uber has gone from startup to 40+ billion dollar valuation. 
  • People are seeing that something new is happening with this sharing economy model. 
  • Set up an Uber index to see what municipalities are friendly to the adaptation of new tech. Those that ban it are not good places to cultivate new ideas. 
  • With AI and VR, the real estate broker will go away. Many other linear thinking industries will be replaced by digital tools soon. 
  • As soon as an industry goes to regulators/lawyers to protect against the technology, it is in its death roes. 
  • Medieval guilds (unions) often react negatively to new changes, and fight against progress in their fields. 
  • The concept of Uber is (and their vision) is far beyond cars. It is it revolutionize transportation. 
  • We are heading towards a time when people will no longer own cars out of necessity. 
  • New tech = new jobs. Not simply destroying jobs. 
  • Making illegal technologies that will make your city more efficient are signs of your death spiral. 
  • Explosion of entreprenship and connectivity creating this revolution 
  • Regulators are afraid because an algorithm is doing a better job of guaranteeing consistent quality than they can. 
  • What else from your life can you add to the sharing economy? 
  • Apps like 1000 tools where you can locally rent tools for your weekend projects. 
  • Cost of transportation will drop a tenfold with automation of driving. 
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