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Exponential Wisdom Episode 8 show notes

On Negativity Bias

  • PDdoesnt watch news networks. 
  • DS – reading is the unfair advantage in life. 
  • News networks are drug dealers delivering eyeballs to advertisers – and the most effective way to deliver viewers is through threats of death and negativity. 
  • This is because our amygdala is evolved to gravitate towards anything that is perceived as a threat. Negative news is a dirty brain hack to keep you watching. 
  • Negativity in the media affects your mindset. 
  • Curate your media consumption, break the negative media addiction, and you are a major step closer to winning back your life. 
  • 1776 with the advent of the steam engine, the world changed and the first exponential technology was born. As a result, population, per capita income and lifespan increase. 
  • Lost is the guarantee of scarcity – the method that the strong used to control the weak. As a result, negativity and fear are manufactured to retain power and scarcity. 
  • Diamonds are a perfect example of artificial scarcity. 
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