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Exponential Wisdom Episode 22 – what won’t change in ten years 

Dan Sullivan and Peter Diamandis discuss what technology will not affect in the next decade. 

  • Jeff Bezos – better question is what won’t change in ten years? 
  • The exponential world is only 200 years old, where you can grow wealth exponentially without stealing it. 
  • Today you can become a Millionaire by increasing your usefulness, not your greediness. 
  • “the best way to become a billionaire is to help a billion people.” – Peter Diamandis quote
  • Ubers Success came in part by removing the middle man. Putting the customer directly in contact with the service/product. 
  • Uber empowers people to find freedom, especially immigrants. 
  • Tony Robbins 6 basic human needs: certainty, assurance, variety, significance, connection, growth, contribution (service and focus) 
  • People intuitively try to construct their lives in terms of those building blocks. 
  • Odd behavior on their part often stems from trying to reach  lthose goals. 
  • Today brings more uncertainty to an 18 year old than it did decades ago. 
  • Today, they are not even certain if college is worth it. 
  • The more global humans become, the more they need comfort and stabilizers. Like religion. 
  • Dan Sullivan’s 3 stabilizers – family, religion and politics. 
  • Human nature is to want to have stability. 
  • Change at an extraordinary rate frightens people. 
  • Even good change needs to be ten times better for mass adaptation.
  • Religion, family and politics will not go away because of their stabilizing factor. 
  • Hyper-religiosity will grow with technology. 
  • Technology may become a new religion. 
  • Rapid Experimentation is critical to creating huge new technologies and services. 
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