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Exponential Wisdom Episode 21 – the Future of Healthcare 

Peter Diamandis and Dan Sullivan discuss the future of Healthcare. 

  • Why do we die? 
  • Other animals live for so much longer, so why can’t humans? 
  • Mission of Human Longevity Inc is to make 100 the new 60.
  • Health Nucleus diagnostic center is the first longevity center of its kind in the world. 
  • Objective of Health Nucleus is for a patient to spend 8 hours in comfort while the researchers capture 150 gigabytes of data about the individual. 
  • Then analyzed by machine learning, and build a longevity plan. 
  • The issue with money modern Healthcare is that disease is not caught early enough. By the time symptoms show, it may be too late. 
  • Peter Diamandis longevity goal is 700 years. 
  • Dan Sullivan longevity goal is 156.
  • The reality of today, is that the longer you live, the more technology is there to prolong your life. If you can stay alive another 50 years from today, it may become indefinite. 
  • We are getting to a point where we starting to understand the software that runs your body and will be able to modify and adjust it. 
  • 23andme only looks at a tiny sequence of the genome data. 
  • An individual is a collection of 10 trillion human cells, and 100 trillion bacteria cells. The latter have a massive impact on your health but understudied. 
  • Most people die 20 years too early because of a disease that went undiagnosed for ten. 
  • Not wanting to diagnose your health and longevity is like not wanting to fly with guidance technology in an airplane. 
  • Not wanting to know your health conditions is ridiculous. 
  • All data collected at Nucleus is the benefit of big data and ongoing machine learning. 
  • Creating an algorithm that predicts photograph of you through your genetics. 
  • Same algorithm can be used to predict disease. 
  • Most doctors call patients with an emphasis on the negative, with the positives taken for granted. 
  • Nucleus also gives neuro cognitive results. 
  • The future of healthcare is intensely human and personal. 
  • By setting a longevity goal, your eyes and ears are on full alert to find the things that achieve that. 
  • If you want the health nucleus, email with Health Nucleus in the title. $25k cost. 
  • Next episode: what fundamental things will not be changing? 
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