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Exponential Wisdom Episode 20 – VR and Tech Convergence

Peter Diamandis and Dan Sullivan discuss the future of VR. 

  • High Fidelity company created by second life founder will seek to let people whole lives in VR. 
  • Second Life currently has an 800 million dollar annual economy. 
  • We all live in reality. Light photons registered by eye, brain interprets that in our reality. 
  • In VR those photons are created by a computer. Everything is computer generated. 
  • Augmented Reality mixes the two. The screen lets you see reality and counter augmentation of it. 
  • AR will change the world. 
  • Philip Rosedail on most recent breakthroughs changing the world:All major players investing billions in developing VR and AR tech: 
  • We will be using this. 
  • In AR test, wore visor that showed multiple TV’s at a time, seeming like they were in front of him. 
  • Controllers become a critical component here: how you interact with vr
  • Apple entering the space. Big deal because they are a trend setter. 
  • This will transform travel, conferences, Thanksgiving. 
  • In the future, you will go to a virtual show room, sitting in your virtual tesla, with Elon Musk sitting next to you giving you the pitch. 
  • In the future, screen resolution will make VR so realistic that it will be indistinguishable from reality. 
  • This will happen somewhere between 4k and 8k resolutions. Including watches and cell phones. Company – Litro
  • Eye tracking (eyefluence) will help save power output on devices by focusing high resolution only where the eye is looking. 
  • Face tracking will capture your expressions with absolute perfect (company called High Fidelity working on this)
  • AR will eliminate the need for TV and screens. 
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