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Exponential Wisdom Episode 19 – AI: A Tool, Not a Threat

Peter Diamandis and Dan Sullivan discuss the role of AI in the near future. 

  • Steve Gold, head of IBM Watson AI project discussed the following recent breakthroughs in AI:
  • Watson winning Jeopardy. 
  • Watson is now in the cloud. 
  • Deep learning to better understand content and data. It is a computer learning on its own. 
  • Deep learning will greatly improve human health and diagnosis as our genetic mapping rates improve. 
  • Will improve ability to predict weather, terrorism, etc. 
  • AI image recognition known ribald humans. 
  • Next step is to use that to diagnose disease. 
  • Kids growing up with this tech are having a completely unique upbringing. 
  • More from Steve Gold:
  • Within 3 years AI will beat the Turing test. 
  • We will start negotiating international treaties regarding AI. 
  • All five human senses will become part of the computing experience. 
  • What used to take a billion dollar corporation to do, can now be done with a small crew in this podcast. 
  • The current problem of inequality is inequality of outcomes, not opportunity. 
  • This is changing because it will be in everyone’s best interest to have the whole world connected. It means more minds to solve problems. 
  • The more people using Google, Amazon, or sequencing their genome, the more data for machine learning. 
  • AI linked with the sensor revolution will mean that machines will aid humanity in solving world crisis’
  • This is evidenced in the plummeting amount of deaths by natural disasters, already benefiting from this tech. 
  • AI will use massive data to redefine how medicine is practiced. 
  • AI will be present in everything. 
  • It will be woven into the fabric of our lives. 
  • There will no longer be an educational system, but a guide to available learning and knowledge resources. 
  • Eventually, the child of the billionaire and the child of the poorest man in Mumbai will have access to the same teaching. 
  • The best teachers and physicians will be free in AI. 
  • We are effectively demonitizing living. 
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