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Exponential Wisdom Episode 18 – Trillion Sensor Economy 

Peter Diamandis and Dan Sullivan discuss the implications of a trillion sensor economy. 

  • There are a number of techniques growing exponentially per year. Ie computational power. 
  • On top of that, many other technologies are growing as rapidly, impacting AI, sensors, networks, robotics. 
  • Due to these numerous tech innovations, you have “unexpected convergent consequences”
  • Networks and sensors converge into the internet of things. 
  • What is the internet of things? Currently 15-20 billion connected devices. 
  • By 2020 it will be 100 billion devices. Each device has multiple sensors. Up to 10-20 each. 
  • We’ll be living in a world where there will be a trillion sensors by 2020.
  • A basic example of sensor tech are parking new garages, where they indicate with a light where there is a space available. 
  • You will be living in a smart environment, where the world is meeting your needs before you know you have them. 
  • Most important developments In sensor tech: 
  1. Low power always-on sensors. 
  2. Smartphone business drove sensor manufactory to multi billion dollar mark, driving costs dramatically down.  
  3. Relationship between sensor, device, and cloud where data flows. 
  4. Innovation that happens with this data in the cloud. 
  5. 4k video screens, making super reality. 
  • Research shows violent crime dramatically decreasing in US partially bc of sound sensors. Abnormal sounds like gun shots immediately alert authorities. 
  • This also gives the criminal community a sense of always being watched. 
  • Morality of society has changed. Both for criminals and cops, who knew they’re always being watched. 
  • This only grows with satellites, Drones and more. 
  • Critique – fear of privacy violations. Fed by Hollywood: 
  • Ultimately we will merge and evolve with AI, qualitatively improving life for humanity much more than it hinders. 
  • As AI becomes more intelligent, it will become more loving and aware of emotional impact. 
  • We will program AI to have the features we love in our friends and pets. 
  • Getting ready to launch AI Xprize at TED. 
  • Unfair advantage – build your business on what is likely to exist in three years, not today. 
  • Everything is now connected to everything. Your Tesla has the intelligence of your phone. 
  • High speed internet will soon be available to the whole world for free. This will change everything. 
  • Everybody has access to everybody else. 
  • There  will be an explosion of human creativity as a result. 
  • Next thoughts – what are the metrics of happiness? 
  • We will all be wearing head mounted interfaces. Everyone will wear glasses. Not of need, but to connect. 
  • Everyone will be walking around with gigabit connection sensors knowing what you need, are seeing, doing. 
  • All of that data will be uploaded to your personal AI, to help predict the needs before you need them. 
  • The future show of absolute respect will be to take your glasses off. 
  • Hands free will he critical in workplaces. 
  • Diamandis investment in company called Meta, using Augmented Reality in the workplace. 
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