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Exponential Wisdom Episode 13 

Peter Diamandis and Dan Sullivan discuss the future of Healthcare and Education. 

  • Both industries are fundamentally critical to human beings. 
  • While they are better than they were, we are finally seeing the potential of how great they can be. 
  • Peter Diamandis’ goal is to make healthcare and education dematerialized, demonetized and democratized for everyone one the planet.
  • Global Learning X prize – funded partially by Elon Musk, Tony Robbins – tablets to self teach kids literacy in schoolless and poor regions. 
  • You can scale tech, not teachers or schools. 
  • Self empowerment and self education are the future. 
  • AI will replace the need for coding and engineering knowledge. 
  • PD – Hospitals are an awful place. They are dangerous with disease and superbugs. Insurance and Healthcare have made it unbearable. 
  • Humans in a hospital are on an assemnly line of doctors, with no one looking at the whole person. 
  • Due to recent legislation, most hospitals are transforming into public corporations, requiring quarterly profit reports. 
  • Healthcare costs decrease over time with tech, but wastage and administration costs skyrocket the price of Healthcare in this country. 
  • Deep data will make a huge shift. 
  • Doctors don’t have the brain power to crunch huge numbers, but big data and machine learning do. 
  • And your physician can only know a fraction of the Healthcare news and articles published. Machines don’t have that problem.
  • Empower each person to  be the CEO of their own health. Including x prize to self diagnose disease. 
  • We’ll have an effective check engine light, allowing for preventative treatment long before we experience symptoms. 
  • Medical waits and price will dramatically decrease with digital tech
  • Bureaucratic parasites are the barnacles gathering under this ship, inexplicably driving up prices.
  • Ultimately future healthcare will be free. What used cost hundreds of dollars in research, consulting and time can now be done with a google search. Healthcare will follow the same path.
  • And the poorest people will have access to this information.
  •  Insurance will want to cover DNA sequencing because it will help keep you around longer as a paying customer.
  • Great technologies are things that create teamwork in places and times where it would otherwise be impossible.
  • Deep data has already yielded a 34% decrease in death by heart attacks.
  • “All great technological breakthroughs are great teamwork breakthroughs” – Dan Sullivan 
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