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Exponential Wisdom Episode 12 Podcast Notes

Peter Diamandis and Dan Sullivan talk about disruption in agriculture and the transportation 

  • Agriculture is a 2 trillion dollar industry. 
  • Sensor tech will be critical in agricultural changes – we’re heading towards a trillion sensor economy. 
  • With Drones and spacecraft we’ll have a “godlike” knowledge of what is growing and where. Down to the moisture levels. 
  • Genetics – GMO’s have enabled millions of lives. The fear is misplaced. 
  • Despite scare tactics, not one documented death from a GMO, however millions of lives were saved by them.
  • “We are going from evolution by natural selection, to evolution by intelligent direction” (genetic engineering) 
  • In the 60’s mass global starvation was predicted. But it isn’t happening. In fact, most starvation on earth is due to poor market control and corrupt governments. 
  • Farm equipment, especially autonomous, is more efficient and larger scale. Combined with sensors, they are color and firmness sensitive. 
  • Autonomous equipment can run 24 hours. 
  • Transportation – 33 thousand US lives lost to car accidents annually. Largest cause of death for children. 230 billion dollars of cost in damages. 50 billion gallons of imported gasoline. 15% of US co2 output. 
  • The next stage is full autonomous cars. Larry Paige’s personal passion. 
  • Race for autonomous cars between Uber, Tesla, Apple, Google – none conventional car companies. 
  • In the near future, Diamandis predicts that it will be illegal to drive a car off of a track. 
  • Riding an autonomous car is like the first time you rode an elevator. After a few trips you get used to it. 
  • FedEx, UPS and farming will be early adapters of autonomy. 
  • Benefits of autonomy: lives saved, no need for insurance, massive land restructure with no need for parking and inefficient Highways. 
  • You can put 8x as many autonomous cars on the road because of smarter driving, communication and spacing. 
  • Cars can be much lighter. 
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