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Train Thought – Turning on a Dime

(Written on the 4th day of a 7 day fast)

This morning the fast went downhill pretty quick. Reminds you how volatile life is. Woke up feeling my best yet, good sleep, good energy. Suddenly I noticed my heartrate dropping into the 40’s. Unexpected scare.

A humble reminder that life can change in an instant. Be prepared, especially in the happiest moments. Not to let it detract from the happiness, but to appreciate it more, not knowing how long the bliss will last.

This has been an incredible experience. It’s the alternative path that is less crowded, and brings us closer to a meaningful life.

And the only way you can experience that path is by seeking out unusual experiences. Sometimes they scare you. This week, it was living with no food for seven days. An experience that few would engage in by choice.

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