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Tim Ferriss Podcast Notes – episode 181

On “wasting money” to improve your life.

  • What to delegate versus what to do on your own.
  • Have a base level of knowledge in a subject before editing.
  • Edited the first 20-30 episodes of his Podcast before delegating it to someone else.
  • Adding people to an inefficient process only makes things worse. Only adding more people to a tight and efficiant ship will make it work better.
  • Learn each process in your company, then delegate.
  • Most delegation problems are the bosses fault, not the employee. This comes from a knowledge gap.
  • You should not delegate because you don’t want to do the hard thinking. Delegate hard work, not hard thinking.
  • When prioritizing to do’s, ask yourself which one will make the others easier to do.
  • Knock down the first domino.
  • The thing you have been avoiding the longest should be where you do the hard thinking first.
  • Start with the thing that makes you uncomfortable.
  • Focus on the things that you are uniquely capable of, or those projects that give you a high yield.
  • Time is only valuable where you have attention.
  • Even if you can do something yourself, delegate it if you cannot afford the distraction 
  • Book – effective executive
  • When you reach an income threshold with some disposable money,start “wasting money” on your peace of mind. Like flying first class so you can sleep on a flight.
  • Spend money to save time. You can always make more money, but you can’t create time.
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