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Tim Ferriss Podcast #183 – Cal Fussman

Master storyteller and interviewer. Second Episode with Cal. 

  • Muhammad Ali – the say he died, Cal’s childhood ended. 
  • In the 60’s, every day brought something unexpected. 
  • Ali was a voice of reason at a time of craziness. 
  • He was ahead of his time with his questioning. 
  • Meeting a hero can be disappointing. Mohammad was anything but. 
  • Do kids today have a Muhammad Ali? What is their future without a hero? 
  • TF – finding a hero is much harder with all of the media channels we have today. Hero’s are too clearly human today. 
  • Has the hero changed now? 
  • “silence is golden when you can’t think of a good answer.”
  • “Evil is unfriendliness.”
  • “when youre right, nobody remembers. When you’re wrong, no one forgets.”
  • Told a powerful story of a 3 minute power pause. Of taking back a dead crowd. 
  • Robert Buckley the only interview he ever feared, because of the power and magnificence of his language. 
  • A good interview makes the guest feel completely at home. 
  • Being nervous before an interview serves no purpose but to hurt you. 
  • You go in tense and they reflect with tension. 
  • The same interview styles don’t work for all interviewers. 
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