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Super Snacks – Mental Models

Are you a High Agency Person?

This is a concept championed by Eric Weinstein, Managing Director of Thiel Capital. When you’re standing in line and the bouncer says, “no, sorry, can’t enter,” is that the beginning, or the end of the dialogue?

Most people turn away at a roadblock. High Agency People look at it as a challenge to overcome. Even if they fail, the creative thinking it inspired leads to cognitive growth.

To quote Aaron Walker, “Can’t couldn’t do it, but could did it all.”

From Bill Nye the Science Guy

In a recent interview with Jordan Harbinger, Bill Nye made a profound point, “Everyone knows something you don’t.” Turn your interactions with people into an attempt to get them to share this sacred knowledge.


The size of your life is in direct proportion to how uncomfortable you are willing to be. – Jon Levy

A person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have. – Tim Ferriss

Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life. – Jerzy Gregorek

Peter’s Laws

Peter Diamandis, founder of X Prize, and entrepreneur responsible for turning the Private Space Race mainstream has kept a series of guiding principles throughout his career. It started with a rejection of Murphy’s Law, and grew into a guide for personal development:

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