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Super Snacks: Human Photosynthesis 

Best New Podcast 

With the explosion of podcasts in the world, it’s hard to keep up with all of the great content. Not technically a new podcast, but a gem, is the Dr Ruscio Radio show. If you’re into health, Biohacking or longevity, this guy spends an inhuman amount of time reviewing medical studies before he makes any claims. Every show leaves profound takeaways, even though it’s a little dense and science-y at times.  

Dr Ruscio functional medicine podcast

Nightly Question 

Ever have a dream, and then wake up asking yourself what the heck that was all about? There’s a whole unexplored world inside of us, but it’s hard to get to. One trick I discovered last year, was to write down a question to my unconscious mind just before bed, then as soon as I wake up, to grab my notes and start answering it. 

I’ve found that barely-awake brain state to be a great way to explore a question I went to sleep thinking about. Here’s one for tonight:

What is something that you have changed your mind about in the last year?

Human Photosynthesis 

I’ve found a hidden rooftop in the city. I won’t say where, but I’ve been spending my mornings writing more than I have in years. It’s our human version of photosynthesis – I wish we could get all nourishment from the sun, but for now we’ll need to settle on vitamin D. It’s amazing how much a little sunlight will inspire you. 

And speaking of human photosynthesis, what if we could actually get all of our food needs from the sun, like plants? Here’s a story I wrote last year inspired by that:

(Idea Machine writing challenge, Plastic Surgery + Utopia

The world seems so perfect when you have love, yet so broken when it’s gone. Bilco Hatch bent down, and gave his wife one final kiss. In this fairy tale, true love’s kiss won’t wake her up.

As he stood by the coffin, he couldn’t help but think about how awkwardly she was laying there. Like she was stuffed into it. Two centuries since the first wing graft, and people still haven’t figured a way to accommodate a larger human frame. So strange, what goes through someone’s mind at a funeral.
She was supposed to live until at least 150. Instead she died at the young age of 80, damning Bilco to decades of soul crushing loneliness.

The funeral was over. Bilco was home, alone. He didn’t want anyone there. He was hungry, but didn’t want to sit in the sun for lunch. He would lay in his house, keeping his wings under a UV lamp. It was junk food, but he didn’t care.

The world was supposed to be a Utopian paradise. Hundreds of years ago there was war, poverty, strife. Quality of life was terrible, and disease ran rampant. People relied on food, grown and slaughtered, to nourish themselves. The more industrious humans learned to grow it in a lab. But they were thinking too small.

Then one day, Elon Musk announced his Human Photosynthesis project. Initially a secret subsidiary of Solar City, he was experimenting with the idea of how far harnessing sun light could take us.

Wings. Humans could harness the sun for nutrition with genetic engineering. Then all they needed was an increased surface area. Wings. They did not fly, but they did end war and famine. By cutting out the need to eat and digest, our bodies were able to live longer and focus more resources on the brain. Without food, we became smarter and healthier. We lived longer. Without food, most of the world’s problems were conquered. All but love.

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