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“Should” – the new poison 

Dammit, I did it again last night. 
It took one drink, and Phony Robbins was in full preaching form. Playing Doctor Self Help Guru, I prescribed a whole regimen of things that this poor girl SHOULD do. I was on a roll, a new target too polite to tell me to stop. 

You SHOULD do this, I said. And you SHOULD do that. And after that, you SHOULD consider the other thing. 

She smiled respectfully because she was cornered by my self-indulgent monologue.   
Anna, I apologize for the forced positivity, the pep talk, and the demotivational attempt to motovate. 

New rule: anytime you hear me use the word SHOULD in a sentence, I owe you five bucks. Call me out on it, and five dollars will be Venmoed immediately. 

There’s no need to sit with a puffed up chest and preach, while I think to myself how smart and wise I really am. Telling people what someone should do is assuming that I can look into their soul and see what they need out of life. Not possible. “Should” people are great at hiding their ignorance behind a veil of misinformed life advice. 

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