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The word meditation conjures images of monks in orange loin cloths and weird hippie communes. Rarely do you associate billionaires, tech titans or special forces with it. Meditation is a terrible word for the best brain hack.

The science is compelling. It helps relieve stress and anxiety. It drives happiness and spiritual experience. Tim Ferriss claims that over 90% of the peek performers he interviews have a mindfulness practice. Research on meditation in classrooms shows staggering improvements in student performance. It improves sleeplongevity and memory.

Question: Why do people still get weird looks when they say they Meditate? Answer: It needs better marketing.

Seth Godin says that the biggest issue with Climate Change is that it’s ineffectively branded. If it was called Climate Cancer, people would take notice. The same principle holds true here.

The military started to realize this, and the marines now train meditation under the acronym “M-Fit”, short for Mind Fitness Training. It’s probably not the most appealing name, but a step in the right direction.

Let’s turn Meditation into a branding exercise. What do we call it? PsychoFarming? MindMining? NeuroForming?

You decide.

What would you call meditation? Tweet me @vladkraven

If you can Terraform, you can NeuroForm.


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