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Life after Elon Musk

In 100 years we build the most powerful computer in the universe.

In 1000 years, led by Elon Musk, humanity flees the earth. They leave the computer behind.

In a million years a new intelligent species evolves on earth. Eventually they discover the computer and, through years of trial and error, get her to run. Her software has corrupted, but the old gal still boots.

They don’t build tech like they used to.

The nerds of the species do what nerds do best. They tinker. They access a command prompt and start coding. A year of tinkering, then a decade, and a millenia. They’re still tinkering. They create a rudimentary operating system, not unlike MS Dos.

It’s the best damn operating system these people have ever seen. But it’s not playing well with the hardware. And not really using it to its potential.

Kind of like commuting to work in a tank. You’ll get there, you’ll look cool, but it’s probably not fuel efficient.

These poor people. If only they could build an operating system worthy of the computer they possess. Their lives would be so much better. Less war, less death, more excitement.

Not unlike ancient computer sitting in our heads. Most powerful thing in the universe, but we don’t have a good operating system to optimize it.


This story is brought to you by Stoicism. Stoicism, a better operating system for the ancient computer in your head.

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