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Lessons from people smarter than me – doorways, brushing and Ben Franklin 

  • First saw this on Reddit – turns out you’re not supposed to brush for about one hour after a meal. The reason being that your enamel is softened after eating, and brushing immediately can damage your teeth. Same goes for vomiting, the acid needs to be neutralized by your saliva before brushing, otherwise you’re looking at damage. 
  • Ben Franklin: “If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write down things worth reading, or do things worth writing.” 
  • World’s collided when Jordan Harbinger from Art of Charm was on the School of Greatness podcast past week. There he discussed how powerful but difficult confident body language is, and taught the doorway drill. Every time you walk through a doorway, practice standing up straight, head up and smile. Keep doing it until it becomes second nature, and every time you walk into a room, you’ll establish a confident and positive presence. 
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