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James Altucher Podcast 184 – Robert Cialdini 

Marketing god, writer of Influence. New book Presuasion. 

  • Our environment affects out decision making. A man asking for a girls number in front of a flower shop is more likely to get it, study shows. 
  • Our thoughts and desires are influence by our context. 
  • When writing, put a picture of your audience next to you. 
  • When sitting down for an interview, ask the boss, why did you call me in here for this interview? This will frame you to play into the strengths that they already see in you. 
  • <Thought – can this be used for a raise? “If you were to see me at the next level, what would it be that got me there?”>
  • But – when trying to persuade, do not get caught. If people feel like you are manipulating them, you’re done for. 
  • Product placement study. If single item shown, people are more likely to buy. If 3 or more shown, they are less likely. 
  • When deciding what influence principle to use, ask yourself, “is this principle inherent in the situation?” Does it exist naturally there? 
  • Is there credibility? Scarcity? Social proof? 
  • Fabricating an inorganic method that doesn’t fit the situation will not work. 
  • Reciprocity – if I do something for you, you’ll feel obligated to get me back. 
  • Gift and personalized a copy of his book when he is brought in to interview for a speaking engagement. 
  • Make the gift customized and personalized. 
  • A customized gift yields amazing results. 
  • Give people something that matches their needs, and it will bring more business, not less. 
  • For a first date, before it begins, set up a context of romance. <perhaps a rose in a little vase on the table?>
  • When negotiating and they have the upper hand, Altucher starts with “you’re the expert, what do you think I should do in this situation? What would you do if you were me?”
  • The above frames them into a caretaker seeking to help you? 
  • Give people a reputation to live up to, so they act in a way that’s consistent with that reputation. <like telling a manager that they are a champion of their direct reports?>
  • Consistently paint your opponent with a reputation for them to live up to. 
  • Teachers give their information away. If you frame somebody as a teacher, they will be happy to share their knowledge. 
  • Doctors offices can cut down on missed appointments if, instead of handing appointment card, hand them a blank cards write their appointment themselves. Statistically 18% fewer no-shows. 
  • Altucher – Tell a patient – 5 out of 6 people with your condition show up for the next appointment. 
  • Focus on the empowering the customer, play into their strengths and desire to belong to something bigger. 
  • Social proof frees people to try your product. 
  • Just by putting a “our most popular dishes” asterisk, makes sales of that item skyrocket. 
  • Even pictures of a crowd will prioritize one over another in people’s minds. 
  • Presuasion works better in environments that you can control, but that’s not always an option. 
  • Authority can sometimes be used in place of social proof, especially where you can’t control the environment. Like, “doctors recommend this” 
  • Don’t fabricate authority. If you don’t have it behind you, use scarcity. 
  • Highest authority doesn’t just come from the knowledgeable expert, but from the trustworthy, knowledgeable expert. 
  • Over the last 20 years, Warren Buffet has been leading his letters to investors with talk of failure and challenge, then success. This establishes trust to great degree.
  • Just as effective of a technique with relationships. Be forthcoming with your weaknesses and vulnerability, and it will build a stronger connection. 
  • In interview, connect by speaking to the value statement of the organization. 
  • To connect to someone, start by interviewing them to find common values. As soon as that connection is made, stop the interview and focus on exchanging stories on that connection. 
  • People are more loss averse in an unfamiliar environment. 
  • In sales letter, start with, “things are changing. There has never been an environment like today…I have a particular strength in dealing with this shift. 
  • What is the feature of your message that is most wise for deciding in your direction? 
  • Optimize attention to that strength. 
  • Give compliments where they are due. 
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