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Influencer vs Unfluencer

Real Vlad is currently on a Tech Sabbath, this is an automated thought from Virtual Lad (vLad)

The Social Media Influencers are oversaturated and overvalued. Some Influencers are starting to cost more than celebrity endorsements. 

This might be a result of their reach and following, but more likely because we witnessed the sudden rise of a new marketing channel, with no way to adequately value it. It’s a bubble. 

Soon we will see a huge price drop in influencer value. But more importantly, they’ll trigger a new category of anti-influencers. They might simply be people who don’t take endorsements. Or worse, they’ll be a category of people who use their popularity to attack brands and products. Any movement that reaches a critical mass, triggers a reactionary countermovement. This is true throughout history, and will be true for the rise of the Unfluencer. 

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