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Fewer Pictures, More Content + 5 Useful Life Hacks

I have dozens and dozens of pages of content and information that I can be posting in this blog, but I’m not posting it because I keep thinking that each blog post needs to look polished, with carefully selected pictures, tags, categories, whatever. Basically, I set so many obstacles to posting useful material, that I wind up posting nothing.

How often do you put off doing a task, simply because there is so much unnecessary stuff surrounding it? In an effort to live up to the moniker of this blog, I will adjust and optimize. Cut out the unnecessary stuff. Fewer meaningless pictures, more meaningful content.

And so I didn’t waste your time with my mini rant, here’s a list of five life hacks that I’ve been using:

  1. Keep a stylus in your winter coat pockets. If it’s freezing cold outside and you don’t have texting gloves, you can use the stylus on the screen, instead of taking your gloves off.
  2. If you are in a public space and you think that someone is staring at you, yawn. Yawning is contagious. Welcome to the spy games.
  3. If you are ready to de-clutter your inbox, type the word “unsubscribe” into your email search bar. Every newsletter will appear in the results for you to purge. Or you can try – but I haven’t had a chance to test them out.
  4. If you find yourself browsing through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram too often, it’s probably because you’re opening them out of habit. If remove them from your main screen, you’ll have to think twice before trying to open the app.
  5. If you have Tupperware with rotting food sitting in your fridge, and don’t want to clean it out because of the smell, throw it in the freezer. When frozen, the bacteria won’t smell, making for easy cleaning.
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