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Exponential Wisdom Podcast Episode 28 – On hiring top talent

Dan Sullivan (Strategic Coach) and Peter Diamandis (X Prize, Human Longevity) discuss the key’s to hiring A players. 

  • The engine to propelling your organization – hire great people, put them into a culture that allowed them to blossom, and create an environment with a high tolerance for failure.
  • Strategic Coach’s success is that Dan Sullivan is not the hiring person. When you’re a salesperson, you’re not a good hiring interviewer. 
  • Strategic Coach utilizes Cathy Kolbe test as part of the process. 
  • Hire for attitude, train for skill, fire for example – Southwest Airlines founder 
  • A’s hire A’s, and B’s hire C’s. 
  • Utilize the ‘bar raisers’ in your company to interview to hire A’s
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