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Exponential Wisdom Episode 10 podcast notes 

Peter Diamandis and Dan Sullivan talk about robots. 

  • Hollywood glorifies dystopia and cultivated a false fear of robotics. 
  • Google bought 8 of the top robotics companies in the world. 
  • Robots are currently not as advanced as we think they are. 
  • China is one of the biggest users of robotics. Crossover from people as wages go up, to robotics. 
  • Oshbot consumer facing robot in store that greets people during and takes them to their items. At night, he roams the aisles to do inventory. 
  • We will see many more robots in home Healthcare. 
  • Beam robot that Diamandis uses to teleport into his home? Wait, what? 
  • Telepresence robotics application where people in third world can connect to your robot to clean your home in off hours. 
  • America has an endless supply of venturesome consumers, willing to test any and all new technologies in their homes. 
  • Military is a pioneer in robotics. 
  • Automobile related deaths are massive, but a reduction will occur to effectively zero with autonomous cars. 
  • The issue with robots, is the over sensitivity to any accidents related to them.
  • Three things driving robotics – better and cheaper sensors; computational power and AI; cost of manufacturing, especially with 3d printing. 
  • Robotics are everywhere and their further infusion will be a friendly future. 
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