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99 Problems, So Let’s Solve One

My latest 30 day Challenge. I love, love, love a good 30 day challenge. That’s how I started my fitness journey three years ago, and haven’t stopped since.

My co-worker (we’ll call him Shua) challenged me to post 99 Problems to a new blog (3 problems a day + 33 days) . The idea is two-fold:

1) Get into the habit of blogging daily. I write privately every day, but rarely post publicly (insecurity?). More is more when it comes to learning a skill, especially writing.

2) Get into a problem solving mindset. Reframe your thinking to look at the world as a set of opportunities instead of ignoring the obstacles that bother us. One mindset builds an undercurrent of anxiety, one makes a quality improvement in your life.

Once we have a solid list of problems, we’ll have the basis for creating a service, business, or idea that fulfills a real need. Too many businesses start with an obscure assumption, instead of solving a real problem. See my SwoleSnacks post for more on that.

If you like, follow along or even join the 99 problem challenge!

May 24, 2016 – We wound up with a huge list of problems. Some great, some ridiculous. Now, we look for solutions:

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