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5 am stream of consciousness 

If I was hiring for a new company

The top skill I would hire for would be consistency. Not every day needs to be great, but the person needs to be able to grind it out over time, especially after a project stops being fun.

The strange things we miss about childhood

For weeks I’ve had a craving for Elementary School cafeteria food. I smelled something the other day that brought me back to that line, grabbing my chocolate milk as I waited to see what was being served for lunch. Why do we miss the most random things?

If there is one life hack I’ve found

It’s to do the thing that no one else wants to do, and get really good at it. And because so few eyes have looked at this none-sexy thing, it’s a field ripe for innovation and automation.

“A decent decision now… 

… Is better than a great decision made 48 hours from now in the military.” Stanley McChrystal

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