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Tim Ferriss – April 27, 2016

Tim Ferriss – April 27, 2016
Fan questions answered.
  • Products – 40oz Hydroflask – to use as a water bottle & traveling foam roller.
  • Books – the magic of thinking big, four hour workweek, effective executive, how to stop worrying and start living
  • Effectiveness versus efficiency (topic of effective executive)
  • Success necessitates health
    • To motivate fitness, create accountability with a betting circle
    • 99% of fat loss is diet.
    • Slow carb diet.
    • If exercise, start with kettlebell swings.
    • Walk 1 hour /day
    • Meditate, like with headspace
  • If building a person from scratch, what traits would they have?
    • Build and find shelter
    • The ability to ask good questions
    • Identify or find powerful people in times of crisis
  • On building rapport
    1. Comfort starts before meeting them. When going into a podcast, he tells guests that they have final cut.
    2. Social proof – show them common connections
    3. Sends them rapid fire questions ahead of time to build some trust and comfort.
    4. Ten minutes of pre-interview talk.
    5. Be vulnerable > elicit vulnerability. Sharing stories reciprocates.
  • Sports good for kids because it teaches them good lessons, like on jectively determining success.
  • Do people have a calling?
    • Not usually. Most people have multiple callings.
    • “Your calling is looking for you.” – create space and openness for it when it arrives.
      • Practice mindfulness, meditation, journaling to see opportunities sitting right in front of you.
  • Coincidences – life is happening for you, not to you. View bad occurrences to take them as a lesson from the universe.
  • What are you excited about in the next 3-5 years?
    • Gymnastics, acro yoga, VR (after Vive demo)
    • MD insider – value model for health insurance – (Google fee for service for healthcare)
  • Why have a dog? Infinite options = ultimate prison. Limiting options can help simplify decision-making. A positive constraint in keeping a dog alive.
  • Dog training methods – Crate training, clicker training, book – shoot the dog (great for human training), train for eye contact, expose dogs to multiple surfaces & many people.
    • book – command performance.
  • If going back to college – not going to college leads to a lifelong insecurity.
    • Liberal arts education keeps you from being one-dimensional.
    • College for a career can help your resume.
    • You can educate yourself well, but it takes work.
    • Focus on your obsessions and communication in college.
  • Supports school abroad.
  • Hypergrafia – blog post – how to take notes like an alpha geek.
    • With multiple passes of a book, he looks at notes and cuts them to revise.
  • Slow carb diet – not a true ketogenic diet.
    • Cheat days are one wake cycle, not actual day.
    • Focus on diet exclusively, exercise in a few weeks. After exercising, people tend to eat more to treat themselves.
    • For sugar cravings – consume BCAA’s (3-5 grams whenever you crave them)
      • (or medium chain triclysorites – few tablespoons at a time)
  • To deal with people you dislike:
    • Books – Crucial Conversations
    • Seneca
    • Honesty
    • Book – On Lying – the damage of white lies.
  • (products – recording device of podcast – Zoom H6, mic is SureXM50 cabled with XLR)
  • Japan – Movie – Spirited Away
    • Music – Babymetal – Karate
    • Hacking Japan for less than NYC – blog post.
  • Biggest frustration – golphers elbow.
    • Hitachi magic wand.
  • Books gifted most – letters of Seneca
    • Bird by bird – frustration in creative process
    • Slain the horned God – favorite graphic novel
    • The Baron¬† in the Trees
    • Black Swan
    • Fooled by Randomness