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Sophia Amoruso – October 12, 2015

10/12 Sophia Amoruso
  • Founder of NastyGal. Started as a vintage eBay Store. Left eBay 1.5 years in and launched the  .com.
  • EBay was not a step towards the fashion world, it was a way to kill some free time. She wore vintage and knew where to get it cheaper than online stores.
    • Learned from her auctions. Test>Learn>Repeat.
    • She learned by listing all auctions at the same price, and seeing which ones people were fighting over. Vintage items are all about perceived value. The hard part is gauging what the perceived value should be.
  • Book: Richest man in Babylon.
  • NastyGal name was chosen to differentiate from all the vintage/bohemian themed names for eBay shops. Came from obscure female band album name.
    • I love the idea of using obscure pop references relevant to me to name things. Been doing if for years.
  • Invest in presenting yourself well. Test your pitch with things like kickstarter.
  • Don’t become a caricature of yourself.
  • Exercise to start the day. Morning routine for success.
  • David Lynch coffee bean. The David Lynch.
  • Tokyo – place she wants to visit.