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Sebastian Junger – May 22, 2016

Sebastian Junger – May 22, 2016
Journalist. Movie – Strumbo
  • Stoicism – a way for a modern secular to give meaning to the world.
  • Wrote book – perfect storm after chainsaw accident working in a tree.
  • Didn’t becoming good writer by studying it in college. Became good by reading books written in styles he naturally liked.
  • First book at 35 . kept doing tree work for money.
  • In story writing, structure is all. Think of a shape, of a structure, not necessarily linear.
  • Starts with a diagram, or circuit board for structure.
  • Read an enormous amount, and think about why you did or didn’t like it.
  • Growing up, he didn’t consider himself a man until facing a life threatening challenge. At 30 went to Bosnia to report and face his mortality. To become a man.
  • 95% of bystander rescues are performed by men. A truly equal society requires so recognizing the inherent differences between men and women. Women fill in the gap after the impulsive decision to save someonr
  • Humans need crisis to flourish. Crisis is the gr at equalizer.
  • Solitary life in modern society causes mass psychological issues. People alone in apartments. Kids alone in bedrooms.
  • Trauma is related to your level of control you feel, not danger.
  • The unknown causes more stress than danger.
  • There is no conflict between opposing war and supporting troops.
  • Israel has a ptsd level of 1% (?) because of common national cause.
  • For non-fiction – write the book that the world needs. Not the one you want.