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Rick Ruben – May 15, 2015

5/15/15 Rick Ruben
  • First rule of weight loss and healthy living – Wake up and go outside into the sun for 20 mins. Reset his cascadian rhythm and made him naturally start waking up early.
  • Second rule of healthy living – ended his veganism and included animal protein.
  • 20 mins of low aerobic activity daily.
  • High protein low calorie diet helped him lose 130 lbs in 14 months.
  • Start a diet by adding lifestyle components before cutting foods like calories.
  • How do you defeat self doubt? Keep your goal to only be better than you were. Just focus on the small steps that make you better than the day before.
  • With art: create with the heart, edit with the head. Find your voice, don’t compete with someone else’s.
  • Success – start with happiness. Not immediately financial success. Someone who enjoys their life and always wants to improve without beating themselves up. Endless curiosity.
  • Sticky situations – talk to the person who it’s sticky with.
  • When stuck with a problem, break it down in bite sized component parts.
  • Don’t expect to be good at anything outside of the box. You will learn it much quicker.
  • Work is secondary to finding a process you can enjoy, and enjoy it.
  • Be kinder to yourself. Stop beating yourself up.