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Rainn Wilson 11/30/15

Rainn Wilson 11/30/15
  • Soul pancake – pivoted from a semi social media website to video content creators. Mission to produce inspiring content.
  • Acting is an escape to get out of your own head.
  • Bahai faith.
  • Meditation – to find peace. Being in consciousness, not just in your thoughts.
    • TF – meditation lowers cortisol.
    • Happiness through compassion.
  • Admirable – people who devote themselves or give to others.
  • Book – the family virtues guide.
  • School needs to focus more on teaching virtues. Determination, compassion, etc
  • Sleep mouth guard best purchase under 100 bucks. Improved sleep is the best investment you can make.
  • Insane beliefs – world peace is possible.
    • Cynicism is a disease that robs people of the gift of life.
  • Bahai faith – all people to be respected, working towards a global language, working to marry religion and science.
  • Practice gratitude to frame success.
  • Documentary – the act of killing.
  • Movie apocalypse now.
  • Wherever you are in life, know that you have more in you.