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Patrick Arnold – Pro Hormones – March 2, 2016

Patrick Arnold – Pro Hormones – March 2, 2016
Considered the father of modern pro hormones.
  • His passion for weight lifting developed with his passion for chemistry. He was early into weight lifting.
  • Originally wanted to be a pharmacy major, but couldn’t get in. Made it into the chemistry department instead, allowing him to study and make the chemicals. The failure was his life changing opportunity.
  • Working in a boring chemistry lab after undergrad, his job was to monitor slow reactions. With the Chem library and lab, he decided to try other things at his disposal. Started experimenting with synthesizing steroids.
  • He was tinkering unsupervised and learned more in spite of his job.
  • He is the father of pro-hormones – a compound that is close to the hormone, like T, but not quite there. Once in the body, it converts to a steroid. Since your body has a finite amount of hormone that it converts, you have a safeguard that you wouldn’t have with direct steroid injection.
  • 1AD pro-hormone
  • In testing drugs on himself, he developed a methadone addiction. Was fired from his job for that. Rehab wouldn’t believe his story.
  • Wastes of money in Athletics – IGFLR3
  • Anabolic steroids – growth of muscle tissues. Looked to only grow lean muscle. But have massive androgenic side effects.
  • Ursolic acid spray – grow muscle, cut fat, increase in muscle derived igf1. Increased the amount of brown fat – higher levels of energy expenditure.
  • Workout shake – amino matrix, keto force.
  • Life span and longevity – was taking metforman.
  • Successful – Bill Gates – because of his philanthropic work.
  • Books – guns, germs and steel NY Jared diamond.
  • Advice to 30 year old self – be more patient with people, especially online.
  • The future replacement is gene therapy. There is a chance that the Chinese are manufacturing super babies.
  • Sarms – he tells a cautionary tale, says that they are intended to have the same anabolic effects as steroids without the androgenic side effects. But says that they still have androgenic side effects, cholesterol issues. Still effect your bodies natural testosterone production. Not the medical breakthrough that was promised.
  • Efarmnutrition