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Morgan Spurlock – March 29, 2016

Morgan Spurlock – March 29, 2016
Director of Supersize Me. Clect his newest startup.
Watch – 30 days. Greatest Movie Ever Sold. Inside man. Brothers keeper. Fog of was. Thin blue line. Going Clear.
Products –
  • Lessons from film school – at NYU he learned the hustle. How to raise money.
  • The biggest skill in a quality conversation is to talk to people about things they care about, then listening.
  • Be vulnerable to elicit vulnerability.
  • Be open and honest to get people to pay attention. Show your scars.
  • When it comes to hooking people to your documentary – make it on three minute segments. Anyone will give you a bite sized moment of their time. Hook them there.
  • Once you get fancy, fancy gets broken.
  • YouTube has taught us that you can sacrifice quality for great story.
  • Netflix is driving the need for smarter TV.
    • For non-fiction the bar is finally starting to be raised.
  • You have to be your own biggest supporter and believer. You have to clear for yourself before anyone else does.